Physics, Metaphysics & Research as ME Time

In my last post, I indicated that next I would describe how divination and working with my astrological chart, in particular, has helped me to own my destiny as a researcher. In this post, I share some very personal information (to me, charts are deeply intimate) and perhaps an astrology lesson for those who may be otherwise unfamiliar. So, prepare for the esoteric, the metaphysical. Don’t worry. Everything is energy. Every energy externally and internally has an equal but opposite force to be reckoned with, so if metaphysics isn’t your thing, there will be plenty of equally physical, scientific, and intellectual discussions in the coming months. In fact, I needed metaphysics in my life because I had spent too much of my life in the rational part of my mind. I could intellectualize anything—to the point that it was hurting me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I had to learn how to counter my intellectualizing with an equal and opposite form of energy. Everything is energy. Whatever energy you can manifest, you can manifest an equal amount of the opposite. This is why to be careful of people who are quiet and calm … but for now, the astrology lesson.

A chart is a wheel with 8 plants, 2 luminaries (the Sun and Moon), and a plethora of asteroids. The wheel is divided into 12 Houses—each of which represents a different aspect of life. In Western/Hellenic astrology, the primary sign that people associate with is their Sun sign. In Vedic astrology (from India), the primary sign people associate with is their Moon sign. Both are important. My practice is Hellenic, so the interpretations I offer are based off of that system in conjunction with observations in my own life and in the lives of those with whom I work. This post explores, specifically, aspects of my chart that allowed me to understand my destiny as a researcher better. 

My Sun is in Aquarius. The Sun represents the truth of who you are. Consider that the Sun is the sole source of energy in our solar system. It fuels everything. The Sun in your chart also fuels you. The energy of the sign in which your Sun resides is like your soul's gas station. You must return there regularly in order to continue running. Aquarius is an air sign, the premier intellect of the zodiac. Aquarius likes to think—a lot. Aquarians are sapiophiles by nature--literally. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. Uranus (think Uranium) is explosive and unstable and feels no kinda way about it. He breaks shit all day. He rules innovation and revolution. He swears to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth—sometimes, problematically so. Because plenty of people can. Not. Handle. That level of truth. Aquarians are also humanists/humanitarians—they are the revolutionaries, after all. They believe in equality. And they will fight for it. We know no other way. Alternatively, Aquarians, being social and socially aware, can appear to like you more than they do. We have the capacity to detach—which has its benefits and detriments. We want equality for everyone as long as it doesn't require that we actually talk or connect with people. Luckily, everyone has all 12 signs within them, so no one is any one energy purely.

My natal Moon is in my Ninth House in Virgo. The Moon represents security, comfort, safety—the area of your life and energies where you feel most at home. The Ninth House (ruled by Jupiter) represents distant exploration of all types—distant travel, higher education, spirituality/spiritual systems, philosophy, research, and publishing. The Ninth House is where one analyzes, synthesizes, and transforms data into theories, advanced concepts, and then put it out into the world—typically in formal ways. Virgo, ruled by Mercury (god of data, technology, information, communication) is a great researcher—perhaps the best. Virgo is discerning, knows how to separate the wheat from the chaff. Virgo energy can make subtle distinctions, loves details. The flip side of that is being nit-picky, a bit stand-offish, overly critical about oneself and others. Virgo, an Earth sign, also rules the body as a whole and purging, cleansing, detoxing. Typically, people with a lot of Virgo energy in their charts have sensitive bodies and/or pay a lot of attention to their bodies and physical health. This energy is suited not only to researchers, but to practitioners of all types of medicine and medical researchers.

A 9th House Moon can indicate that one feels more comfortable living in geographic locations other than where they grew up. It can mean feeling more at home in religions and spiritual systems different than that/those in which one was raised or simply feeling very comfortable in religious and spiritual spaces generally, being a spiritual explorer. It can mean engaging in philosophies that are different than those in which one was raised. It means one needs philosophical engagement, high level thinking (combine that with the Aquarian Sun—imagine!). Where the Moon lives, one must engage in those activities and manifest that energy in order to feel right with oneself, right with the world, and even to feel safe. Where the Moon lives, one must find ways of expressing and releasing that energy into the world in order to keep the energy in check, in order to manifest it in positive rather than negative ways, in order to use it to manifest light and dance with shadow—rather than expressing the shadow in negative ways implicit to the holder.

For me, all of this means that spending time alone researching, reading, writing, philosophizing, making subtle distinctions, engaging in intellectual processes is necessary for me to show up in the world as a kind and loving human. It’s necessary for me to be open to experiencing connection, to being vulnerable with other people, to being compassionate and empathetic, and so much more. There is plenty more to write about, but I will end it there for now. In my next post, as promised, I will take a more philosophical and intellectual perspective to my work and the intentions underlying it.

As always, thank you for reading.