Transparency: I'm not just a researcher

As a researcher, one has to have goals, deliverables, to produce something. That’s true for me—but in addition to goals, I also have intentions. I not only want to produce something that demonstrates that I did the work, but I am borderline obsessive about trying to ensure that whatever I produce is done so with a certain sensibility, is done so in accordance to my values. One of my intentions is to be transparent about my research and its processes. Another intention is to describe the ways in which my research corresponds with my own life. Currently, I am writing a book about how my doctoral research reflected my own life, about how what you seek is seeking you and about how what you seek is who you are—even when you’re doing formal research.

I say all of this because this week I will introduce you to my first interviewee. I first encountered this interviewee over the Summer when I helped some friends process their chickens. I want people following this project to know that I not only study these practices, but I also enact many of them. They are a part of my life and who I am. When we processed my friends’ chickens, I made this video because I wanted to give people an opportunity to become more intimate with what goes into bringing food to their tables. My first interviewee is most familiar with this process and I look forward to introducing him to you this week … but to allow you to become more familiar with me and what I am about, I wanted to share this video with you. I’m sure this won’t be the first video of me participating in the various processes about which I am interviewing people, but I hope you find this one enlightening.

While I do not show animals directly while they’re being slaughtered, please know that this video may not be suitable for younger viewers if you are unprepared to explain to them what they’re watching and where their food comes from.

Have a beautiful day, Rose Hip Road Trippers!